Nancy creates ‘dreamscapes’ with fancy gemstones, precious metals, architectural elements and natural materials. These conceptual art pieces each form an individual creative entity. New embodiments are derived thereof and form individual jewelry collections. The stunning jewels are unique, signed & numbered pieces of art in their own right.


Nancy Allewerelt ™  is the international brand offering unique and exquisite jewelry to those equally unique individuals who know what they want and are not too shy to show it.

Nancy Allewerelt Handmade jewelry jewellery Solitary Pearl Tahiti Akoja Freshwater


The solitary pearl offers a gentle kindness, which is unexpectedly bold and couragious. The Solitary Pearl ™ collection© is based on the original artwork ‘Aztec’©. It returns the simple beauty and strength of the solitary pearl to contemporary design.

Antique Flemish Lace Collection Jewelry Nancy Allewerelt Bracelet Gold Vermeil Antwerp Diamond


Antique lace transferred into precious metals, paired with the delicate sparkle of Antwerp Diamonds. The Flemish Lace jewelry collection© is based on the original artwork ‘Yara’©, revisiting the love for lace craftmanship

Fontus Jewels - Nancy Allewerelt


Emerald – Cut gemstones float freely in a dual ring structure evoking stylistic memories of Art Deco. The Fontus ™ ring collection © is based on the original artwork ‘Fontus’©, which is an hommage to that famous style of Henri van de Velde and Viktor Horta’s later years.

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