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Pearl collection

Strength in gentleness.

That would be the best way to describe the pearl collection. With this approach Nancy rejuvenated a classic theme: ‘Pearl in its Shell’. By strongly emphasizing the splendor and luster of the solitary pearl, an unexpected boldness undeniably exudes from within. It says, ‘I’m kind, but don’t mess with me’.

Only the finest of Akoja and Tahiti pearls are selected to wrought into these jewels. The Antwerp diamonds set alongside complement their gentle beauty.

Limited editions

The ‘Pearl’ collection is derived from the original artwork – jewel made by Nancy Allewerelt ©: Aztec ©. As each pearl is handpicked and limited by definition, so are the jewels. These finest of handcraft jewels are not intended for mass market.

Unique items

Every jewel made by Nancy Allewerelt is unique. Even more so due to the nature of the pearls. No two pearls will ever be alike. Items can however be tailor made to your own personal specifications.

Full regalia

Each item has its own serial number and is signed by laser engraving ‘Nancy Allewerelt’. There are no two alike. Each purchase comes with full regalia: i.e. certifications etc. in document holder, specific packaging and associated attributes.

Always Made In Belgium

‘Nancy Allewerelt ™’ is a proprietary trademark. The original artworks, reproductions and derived products, as well as the name of the artwork and derived products are copyrighted in accordance with Belgium law (EU) legislation. ‘Aztec’ © Nancy Allewerelt - all rights reserved. For more information go to: intellectual property.