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Past, Present, Future

Truth be told, when Nancy decided to quit her medical career to become a professional jewelry designer – goldsmith, she never thought things would turn out as they have.

As a child she had always been fascinated by shiny stones and minerals. When she made the switch in 2000 she just wanted to create beautiful things. She hoped she could sell enough to make ends meet. Little did she suspect she was creating a global brand.


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It Didn’t Happen Overnight

Becoming a renowned artist – jewelry designer followed a long and tortuous road.

But once started, she completed the formal goldsmith training, got schooled by masters, received recognition as artist and developed some unique smithying and casting techniques.

More importantly, she developed her very own style. It took over a decade before she presented those unique collections for the first time.

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The Family Name

Nancy doesn’t come from an old family of goldsmiths, artists or designers. She hails from seafaring people on the Flemish coast. Perhaps that’s where she has inherited the grit to persevere when all seems dark and impossible. Hold fast, that’s how you make it across the vast ocean.

The family name: ‘Allewerelt’, literally translated means ‘All the world’. It suggests her ancestors have sailed the seven seas. In a sense she’s keeping up tradition by branding the name globally.


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The Crew

To keep within the nautical theme, a ship isn’t run by a single person. It takes a whole crew, each with their strengths and skills, finely tuned to each other’s quirks and talents alike. Partnering judiciously she firmly expands her position within the fine jewelry fashion. With her husband she maintains strict control over the day to day management of the brand.

However, she personally oversees production and finishes every single piece. Each bespoke piece of personalised jewelry is signed and numbered.

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The Art & The Craft

Nancy’s evocative art collections are a celebration of Craft, Architecture and Nature. You may also discover elements reminiscent of Flemish tradition and history. When faced with technical challenges Nancy follows the ‘adapt or innovate’ adagio. Distinctiveness in both design and technique  can be found in each jewel.

Honing down the essence derived from the original conceptual dreamscape into a jewel is something of a skill in itself.


nancy allewerelt jewelry fine jewelry design

Who is it for?

These limited series of jewelry are for those who love beautiful things of exquisite quality. Yet more specifically, Nancy’s designs are for those who prefer jewelry that, in addition to beauty and quality, has its very own identity.

If you love special gemstones, unique textures and overall eye catchers, then this is for you.

We do not fear blatant conformity or meaningless greyness. Bien au contraire 😉

These jewels will stand out as you do.

Do you want to make it your very, very own? Select a special unique stone? Reach out to us  and we’ll see what is possible.