Terms & conditions

Terms  & Conditions:

Our General Terms of Sale, in any form (B2C/B2B), and general use of this website.

This website is an informative website showcasing the internationally available art and jewelry collections made and designed by Nancy Allewerelt and marketed under the proprietary brand Nancy Allewerelt ™.

From the use of the website alone no legally binding obligations can be derived by any party. As all collections are limited editions,  unique in nature or bespoke designs, no obligation to produce any of the illustrated jewels can be derived, enforced or invoked.

Acceptance of an order and/or (re)production of an existing or bespoke jewel resides solely with the artist/designer Nancy allewerelt and remains a decision at her discretion only. Also with regard to lead times, delivery dates, timelines, … as a creative artist the delivery time of an order remains the prerogative of the artist Nancy Allewerelt, unless otherwise agreed upon and confirmed in a written and signed agreement.

Terms & Conditions may be changed without prior notice. For the latest version of our T&C as well as the full and detailed version of our T&C please contact us: info@koenv9.sg-host.com

Who we are: Nancy Allewerelt; Eikendreef 6 -9080 Lochristi, Belgium; Company BE0818612593.  The company is herein after referred to as Nancy Allewerelt.

Art and jewelry created, designed and produced is marketed under the proprietary brand Nancy Allewerelt ™.

You will be ordering / contracting with Nancy Allewerelt after establishing formal contact. All other agreements with other parties are nil and void, unless otherwise agreed upon and documented with a written formal agreement with Nancy Allewerelt.

When you have any doubts or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Your order will always be processed and produced by Nancy Allewerelt. For international trade it may be that third parties are involved to provide services for transport, customs, security, insurances etc. These companies will always be made known to you via communications by Nancy Allewerelt. No company will contact you without proper introduction. When in doubt, contact us directly: info@koenv9.sg-host.com

Orders are only legally binding and valid when there is a written contractual agreement between A valid contract has all details of the latest version of the T&C listed and which have been approved by you, the client. Order are only legally binding when the agreed upon sales terms have been met.

For more information: info@koenv9.sg-host.com

All of our agreements are governed by Belgian law. Any disputes that arise within the scope of this agreement may only be brought before the district courts of Gent or Dendermonde, Belgium. All legal disputes regarding contractual agreements but also deliveries, goods, products, quality issues, certifications, provenance, etc; are without exception governed by Belgian Law. Upon contracting with Nancy Allewerelt the client, without reserve, agrees upon settling any and all disputes before Belgian Courts, this regardless of, but not limited to: the place of purchase, the place of residence of the client or the nationality of the client.