Trade in Gold/Silver & Diamonds

Gold and diamond trade in Belgium and worldwide

Artist and craft recognition/registration

Nancy Allewerelt is formally recognised as goldsmith, having passed formal training and upon receiving an official masterstamp. The masterstamp is registered at the Royal Mint of Belgium. This registration is renewed yearly.

Our trade and company is fully compliant to the legally required registration at the ‘Waarborgkantoor’.

In addition Nancy Allewerelt is formally recognised by the Flemish Government as a professional craftsperson. This recognition is not permanent and is subject to continued evaluation.

Furthermore Nancy Allewerelt is formally recognised by the Flemish Government as a professional artist. This status is a recognition which is permanent.


Business number: BE08186125593

VAT number: BE08186125593

A lot of money changes hand in the jewelry trade. This at times leads to deplorable situations, such as illegal trade in conflict- or ‘blood’ diamonds, exploitation, child labour, (de facto) slavery, forgery, etc. We do not want to have any part of that. There are both national and international legislation, guidelines and moral codes of conduct in place. There are also a number of self regulatory systems. See below.


Trade of noble metals: legal obligations

Applicable to gold, silver and all noble alloys

Goldsmithying is a regulated trade and craft in Belgium. Both the trade and the production (processing) of noble metals (gold-silver and associated noble alloys) items are strictly regulated in Belgium. This clearly implies that not anybody can trade noble metals, including import/export of foreign made materials.

There are strict legal conditions a goldsmith/jeweller most adhere to.

There is the regulatory body of law regarding jewelry stamping (alloy). Any jewel made from noble metals must always contain two stamps. The first stamp identifies the nature and properties of the alloy. This is to the benefit of the end consumer. The second stamp is the master stamp. This identifies the producers or his legal representatives. The legal obligation of this stamp is pursuant art. 6, §1, 2° of the KB of 18/01/1990/ art. 6, §I, 3° of the KB of 18/01/1990.

In addition, every producer, importer, wholesale or retail trader or repair shop of items made of noble metals is legally obliged to annually register at the ‘Waarborgkantoor’.

For more detailed information you can contact the sectorial Federation: WWW.ARSNOBILIS.BE

If you have any question regarding Nancy Allewerelt’s masterstamp, it’s origin, or legal registration do not hesitate to contact us.


Trading in diamonds and other gemstones

Although diamonds largely come from a number of well regulated sites, there are various diamond and gemstone mines that are situated in war zones, hostile areas, etc. Often times the mining is done by slaves/p.o.w.’s or children. With the proceeds of these so called ‘conflict diamonds, or gemstones’, aka ‘blood diamonds’, wars and hostilities are financed and human suffering is continued. It stand to reason that the trade in ‘blood stone’ is not an acceptable practice. The world does not accept this any more.

The checks and control mechanisms enforcing the ban on trade of conflict diamonds are done by the Kimberley Process. It’s a fairly complex system but it does offer the garantee that the diamonds you wear are conflict free. We only trade in diamonds and gemstones that are vouched for as conflict free. Upon demand we can always provide the certifications thereto.

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In addition we always prefer to deal with gemstone traders or miners that have various on going pro bono, humanitarian projects, such as medical support, education, water treatment, women empowerment, union support etc. When it comes to our jewelry we prefer to see diamonds be the cause of tear of joy, not tears of sorrow.